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Dr. Alduan Tartt

Tartt, Dr. Alduan

Dr. Alduan Tartt is a positive psychologist, professional speaker, media personality, parenting, teen and relationship expert as well as devoted father. He has appeared on ABC Nightline, MTV’s Made, TVOne’s Black Men Revealed, Fantasia For Real, BET... [View_Profile]

Dr. Timmy Tezeno

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Tezeno, Dr. Timmy

Dr. Timmy Tezeno is the founder and president of Oval Bible College, a worldwide correspondence school that affords everyone an opportunity to obtain a quality biblical education. Oval Bible College is an independent religious institution that provides th... [View_Profile]

Gloria Thomas Anderson

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Thomas Anderson, Gloria

Gloria Thomas Anderson, a master’s degreed social worker and clinical instructor at the University of Missouri–Kansas City School of Social Work, is an African-American international author and motivational speaker. Anderson teaches cultural diversity... [View_Profile]

Dr. Pamela Thompson

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Thompson, Dr. Pamela

Dr. Pamela Thompson is a psychologist-turned-professional life coach specializing in: (a) performance enhancement (e.g., academic, physical fitness, public speaking); (b) assertiveness training (including personal and professional boundary-setting); and (... [View_Profile]

Dr. Tiy-E

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Tiy-E, Dr.

Dr. Tiy-E, also known as "The Love Doctor," is the quintessential "Renaissance Man." A life coach, sex therapist, author, playwright, radio/television personality, dancer, educator, and athlete. Dr. Tiy-E's energy is infectious. Whether he's in the classr... [View_Profile]

Dr. Aaron Turpeau

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Turpeau, Dr. Aaron

Aaron Turpeau is the author of one of the hottest selling relationship books today. The book is titled The Harmonious Way: A Success Guide to Selecting A Compatible Mate. Thousands of people have been counseled or taught by Dr. Turpeau during the past 15 ... [View_Profile]

Found 6 records